Friday, February 11, 2011

Sharing links on some good navigation menu solutions

Earlier this month i was trying to find a tree-view navigation menu to embend into a friend's web-site, one wouldn't expect that but people actually are willing to sell you one, anyhow i found this after a quick search - it's a free tree view menu, which is easy to install and use. Download package also provides demos, examples, guides and such (too many of them even, might scare off a user who just want a copy&paste thing, if you are that user you should just ignore them, untill you want to do a little customizing). In default state it looks like this  
And all you need to do is copy&paste the code, as well as one .css and one .js file. Took me about 5 minutes to set it up, from the moment i found a web-site. Have nothing good to say about customizing, but nothing bad either, it's pretty much as you expect customizing to be :-)

And, to not make a second post about navigation, if you would like a more standart drop-down menu, you should definately use jquery one, it's pretty straight forward, can see one, say, here

And it does exactly what it should do - a simple drop-down menu. Plus some extra features like more smooth timing of menu disappearing and such.

I hope that information was useful.

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